Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

    Curb appeal is the first impression the potential homebuyers are going to have.
    This is not only the front yard and outside of the home but especially the front door.
    While waiting for even just a minute at a front door clients are already forming opinions and trying to get a feel for living in your home. Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door and clean off the cobwebs and sweep the porch of all debris. Front Door
    Walking through that front door the next thing they are going to notice is the smell.
    Make sure that the house smells inviting, clean, and welcoming.
    I have seen many buyers leave at this point because of one or both of these first two points.
    I often suggest to my sellers to keep a package of ready to bake cookie dough on hand, this gives a warm, cozy smell and feel to the whole experience.
    Another  important thing to remember when selling your home is to take all personal things like knick knacks,and photographs and box them up and put them away.
    When Homebuyers come into your home they are trying to picture your home as their own.

    Seeing such personal things makes it difficult for them to envision their future home.

    Hopefully you have a storage area to put them, freeing up valuable selling points such as closets, attics, basements and garages. These areas should be as cleaned out and sparce as possible so that your home will appear to have plenty of storage. Again a storage facility is the best place to store all these things so that they are not adding to the things that are necessary in your home
    Next walk into each room and get a feel for what potential buyers are going to see when they first step into that room. Kitchens are a main selling feature for homes. Clear countertops and tables of all  unnecessary items. Even those items that you use everyday such as , toasters, coffeemakers, can openers, and mixers need to be put out of sight. You want the kitchen to have a clean uncluttered feel. Home buyers are going to open up your cabinets and pantries, so clean out and minimalize those areas to give a larger more organized  feel. Set that plate of fresh baked cookies on a pretty plate on the bar or counter along with some fresh flowers.Flowers
    Alot of home owners have  a lot of furniture in their homes. This again makes a home feel smaller and more cluttered. Minimalize the furnishings in each room. If possible even a single bed in a bedroom will make it more appealing letting those buyers see more space and possibilites .
    Bathrooms are another selling point in a home. Clear off the counters of all blow dryers , curling irons etc. Open those cabinets and clear them out as well. When purchasing a home , women will notice the cleanliness and condition of a bathroom and kitchen over many other rooms in the house.
    Closets are another area that you want to  declutter. Take out clothing that isnt being used and store them once again off site.
    If you have a pet, try to take them somewhere else during the showings of your home for the pets sake as well as the buyers. You want each buyer to feel safe and  welcome in your home.
    Home For Sale
    If you will do each of these steps, you will see a quick and less stressful selling of your home.