Want A Few Minutes To Yourself ?

    Summertime is great!

    Summertime is fun!

    Summertime is Busy!

    Summertime is ………………………………..driving me crazy!

    The wee one’s come over and  are bored and in desperate need of some kind of activity.lady-bug-1426494-m

    I on the other hand have so many things to catch up on & get done.

    Here is my suggestion for an uninterrupted hour or so, depending on how long of a list you make.

    “A Photo Scavenger Hunt!”

    Good Huh?

    Give them a list and an old camera or cell phone and send them on their way.

    It’s easy and free and easy to get ready for.

    (unless the cell phone get’s dropped in the water, then it’s not so free!)

    My wife actually drew the items on the list for the smaller ones that couldn’t read.

    All items were things that they could find in the safe confines of our yard.

    (You could also spread a blanket out at the park with a good book while they hunt)

    Here are a few of the items she drew on their list: tree, bug, berry,rocks, toy bucket, cloud, person, leaf, garbage, fence, weed, grass, flower, water, stick  and a ,”surprise me”.

    It was fun to see the difference in the pictures they each took of the same thing.

    We had three wee ones and gave them 2 old  cameras and a cell phone.

    You could have two teams or even send them all out with one camera and take turns taking the pictures.

    Our daughter did this yesterday with only one camera and four wee ones. They each took a picture of their interpretation of each item. It was hilarious. A four year old and a 11 year old have a completely different idea of what a tree is.

    bush   <-   The Four Year Olds Tree which is actually a bush!

    American Flags on National Holiday    <- The 11 year olds Tree!

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    John Ames

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