Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Your Home Sell Faster


               Things to do to get quicker results when selling your home.





    1.) Remove all dead foliage: Here in St.George Utah we had an unusually hard winter. Because of that many bushes and trees were lost to the cold weather.

    Make sure you remove all dead shrubs and trees, especially in your front yard.

    Make sure your yard is well maintained and free of debris.

    2.)Sprinklers: Here in the desert if one of your sprinklers is broken or you have forgotten to set your timers , in only  a couple of days you will have a dead lawn.

    Turn on your sprinklers and make any adjustments that you might need to so you can  avoid burn spots and dead patches.

    3.) Service Your Air Conditioner: Change air filters so that your air conditioner is working at top capacity for you and for clients as well. In summer months when the weather is hot, clients will not want to stay and look at a home that is hot and muggy. Your home should be a refreshing oasis where they will want to stay and look.

    4.) Stain or Paint Front Door: The front of your home is the first thing a client will form an opinion on. It’s up to you whether that opinion is good or bad.  When they come to the front door, you want to make sure that it is in good repair.  A coat of Fresh paint or stain  as well as a clean swept porch will leave a good impression.

    5.) Windows: Hire someone or do it yourself, but clean windows are a must. Also repair any windows that the seal might be broken on causing “fog windows”. You might as well do it now, because when you get an offer on your home and  it shows up on an inspection report , you are going to be doing it any way.


    John Ames

    The Ames Team



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    John Ames

    John Ames, CPA spent 17 years working in a Big Eight CPA firm and running four public wall street companies. He brings a, ” no tomorrow ” work ethic to real estate. His entire team is trained weekly by the #1 coach in Real Estate (and has been for 10+ Years). John is a Board of Trustees member for IHC / Dixie regional Medical Center. John’s wife Lisa is is a three-time cancer survivor and they are heavily involved in fund raising for Dixie Regional and Huntsman Cancer Institute

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