Pay It Forward Bone Marrow Challenge

    The Ames Team is challenging YOU to join them in contributing and helping fight the battle against blood cancer.

    All you have to do is go to: and register to become a possible donor.

    They will send you a swab kit and a return envelope.

    Then all you do is swab the inside of your mouth and drop it back in the mail.

    Once your office or Team has registered and SWABBED away, you will become an OFFICIAL SWABBY !

    Don’t forget to pay it forward and challenge someone else , and keep it going and going and going and going …










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    John Ames

    John Ames, CPA spent 17 years working in a Big Eight CPA firm and running four public wall street companies. He brings a, ” no tomorrow ” work ethic to real estate. His entire team is trained weekly by the #1 coach in Real Estate (and has been for 10+ Years). John is a Board of Trustees member for IHC / Dixie regional Medical Center. John’s wife Lisa is is a three-time cancer survivor and they are heavily involved in fund raising for Dixie Regional and Huntsman Cancer Institute

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