Kids Driving You Crazy?

    We will be posting some Summertime activities to keep your children occupied this summer each week.

    Today let’s start with the Trampoline.





    Jumping gets old real quick here are some other ideas to suggest to those wee ones when they are bored.

    1. Chalk it up: All you need for this one is some fun colors of chalk. Let the trampoline be your canvas. Best part is , just squirt it off and they are ready to go again.





    2.Sleeping Out: Just did this with the Grand-kids and it was a big hit. Sleeping bags everywhere( and a hammock for me) night games, s’mores and then to get them sleepy a hilarious game of “Once upon a time”.

    To play have one person start a story with, “Once Upon a time”. Then when he gets stumped as to where to go with the story the next person begins from where he left off. Five year olds are the best at this. Your stories will take on a life of their own.

    Then when the last one nods off, enjoy the amazing starry picture show overhead.





    3. Sprinkler Fun: The wee ones will love jumping on the trampoline as the sprinklers are hitting it. A great way to cool them off and work off some of that energy.





    For many more fun ideas follow our Pinterest and look at our  board,“Tramp it Up”.



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