It’s That Time Again!

    A year ago we spoke briefly here about the wee one’s heading back to school.


    Once again this thought stirs up images of our own childhood and our angst about that first day.

    Sights , smells and feelings rush in and memories beg to be revisited, so bare with me as I take a stroll down memory lane.

    I remember freshly sharpened pencils with tooth marks from nervous chewers,
     a  brand new box of crayons,
    Shiny, slick floors from a summertime of rest,
    Mom walking me to class and hating to see her go,
    2nd grade teacher Mrs Stinstellie, (She reminded me of the bike riding witch on the wizard of oz. She terrified me!)
    Speech class, ( Okay I may or may not have had a lisp)
    Having a loose tooth, running to the principals office to get it pulled, and receiving a quarter,
    Sunday Night stomach aches & Monday morning whining,
    Recess and fresh callouses on my hands from the monkey bars,
    The smell of the cafeteria food being prepared that day,
    Lunch ladies in hair nets and rubber gloves,
    And I could go on and on and on.
    The Ames Team Wishes a Fantastic First Day of School to all the children out there filled with loads of great memory makers.
    Drive safely and watch out for those wee ones, they have a lot on their minds.
    John Ames and The Ames Team
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    John Ames

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