Every October Like Clockwork!


    Every October like clockwork I start checking off tasks on my list for winterizing my home.

    This time of year is  perfect for  starting and finishing those jobs that need to be done before the cold sets in.

    Southern Utah doesn’t get the extreme cold that other parts of Utah get, but there are still things that need to be done here to ensure a winter free of stressful problems.

    Do you have a checklist?

    Well feel free to use mine!

    1. Fall Cleanup.

    This month is the perfect time to finish up those chores left over from a busy Summer.

      2. Drafts.

      Before cold weather sets in , take a look around your home and check all windows and doors. Take care of those small drafts now and this will help keep your home warm this winter.

      Plus we all like those lower heating bills as well.

      3. Leaks.

      While checking those drafts, this is the perfect time to look for any water damage or leaks too. Check pipes and then your roof. Make sure your roof is in top condition.

      4. Gutters & Downspouts.

      While scaling that roof to look at it’s condition, clean out those rain gutters. Clogged gutters can cause water to puddle up close to your home and finding a way to leak into your home.

       5. Safety Devices.

      Check  and change the batteries in your fire/smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

       6. Hoses.

      Water can freeze in your pipes and hoses and cause all kinds of damage. Make sure to shut off your irrigation and drain remaining water out of all your hoses.

       Remove those hoses and cover your outdoor taps to ensure that they are protected from freezing temperatures.

                                  Now sit back, prop up your feet and relax knowing that you are ready for Old Man Winter to stop by for a visit.

    John Ames

    The Ames Team



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    John Ames

    John Ames, CPA spent 17 years working in a Big Eight CPA firm and running four public wall street companies. He brings a, ” no tomorrow ” work ethic to real estate. His entire team is trained weekly by the #1 coach in Real Estate (and has been for 10+ Years). John is a Board of Trustees member for IHC / Dixie regional Medical Center. John’s wife Lisa is is a three-time cancer survivor and they are heavily involved in fund raising for Dixie Regional and Huntsman Cancer Institute

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