Top Ten Things To Be Thankful For.

    Top Ten Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving  Season !


    Who doesn’t love a good top ten countdown?

    This particular one is an easy one to write, because there are so many things to be thankful for.

    The top ten are surely commons ones for most of us, family, health, freedom, roof over our heads and good friends etc.

    But what about those often overlooked, not so obvious ,  maybe even mundane things in our lives?

    Maybe this particular list will give us  a reason to pause and really reflect on  all that we have.

    Of course we have to count them down backwards or it just wouldn’t be right.

    10. Aglets– Let’s just get this one out of the way. I have recently realized how much I was thankful for these. We all know what they are. Maybe not by this particular name but believe me when in a hurry and your laces on your shoes have come unlaced you are thankful for Aglets. Those little tips (Aglets) on the ends of the laces are definite time savers , especially when someone has unlaced your running shoes and your late for that morning run.

    9. Seasons– How thankful I am for the change of seasons. I tend to get bored with things and I think that the transition from one season to another is beautiful. Do I like the cold ? No. But I do like knowing that it wont last long and soon I will be able to enjoy the blossoms on the trees .

    8. Glass– Can you imagine life without glass? No windows, eyeglasses, windshields, mirrors . It would be a lot more difficult to enjoy anything without glass. Now this is especially true for me because I need the eyeglasses to see in the mirror, to drive the vehicle that gets me to work, to look out the window at my place of business and to be thankful for the Amazing Fall Colors outside.

    7-Color– Now this one really makes me ponder. I am the annoying person that is continually calling to everyone’s attention the beautiful fall leaves, amazing sunsets, colorful gardens and beautiful blue skies.  I really don’t even want to imagine for one second what it would be like to have no color in my life. Things would be mighty boring in black and white. But wait a minute , isn’t  black  a color as well ?  ……….moving on.

    6-Memories– What would life be like without our memories? Although my memory isn’t what it use to be ,  I am thankful for those memories both good and bad to reflect back on, to enjoy , to learn , and to share.

    5-The Kindness of Strangers- I hate that it’s so rare, but oh how I appreciate that smile in passing , or the quiet Hello. Many times it has been just what I needed on a particularly stressful day. And  knowing that it was a complete stranger that held that door or picked up something I had dropped meant the world to me at that moment.

    4- Aging- Okay, I realize that you think I am stretching it a bit but bare with me. First of all it’s better than the alternative. You have more wisdom to draw from. You also  have more experiences to learn from and share with someone else. And what a great blessing to look forward and to leave behind all those years of ……….let’s just call them “years of learning”.

    3- Every sunrise – Each one shouldn’t go unnoticed. In fact one of my  goals this year  is to ,”Never Miss A Sunrise”. Can you imagine taking the time each day to look out and watch, really watch the sunrise. It would be pretty difficult to do this and not reflect on all of your blessings. I am grateful to live in Southern Utah where you will find some of the most amazing Sunrises and Sunsets!

    2- Second Chances- This is something I believe can never be overrated. If you have ever had the opportunity to forgive someone or to be forgiven you know what an amazing cleansing feeling it can be.

    1- Job- I am sure this is one thing that you all recognize as a great blessing in your lives. I am so thankful that I am able to get up everyday and go to work to provide for my family. I know that there are many who are not as fortunate as I. Who struggle to find work.

    Is there a difference between being a grateful person and being grateful for something? I believe that there is. If we take the time to look around us and truly feel grateful for all the wonderful blessings that we enjoy each and everyday , I believe that we will be happier.

    What have I missed?

    What can be added to this list to add to our collective thoughts of gratitude?.

    If you too would Like to jot down the top ten things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving  Season do it now. Don’t wait.

    You will be glad you did.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

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    John Ames

    John Ames, CPA spent 17 years working in a Big Eight CPA firm and running four public wall street companies. He brings a, ” no tomorrow ” work ethic to real estate. His entire team is trained weekly by the #1 coach in Real Estate (and has been for 10+ Years). John is a Board of Trustees member for IHC / Dixie regional Medical Center. John’s wife Lisa is is a three-time cancer survivor and they are heavily involved in fund raising for Dixie Regional and Huntsman Cancer Institute

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